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Column: The ultimate gift guide for the beauty guru in your life

Monday, December 7, 2020
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

As weíre finishing up this semester at Southeast, Iíve definitely been dreaming of Christmas break Ö the holidays are so fun! However, itís easy to stress over what gifts to give your loved ones. If youíre still searching for the perfect gift for a beauty guru in your life, look no further! Iíve dished the details on how to pick the perfect present.

Wellness and self-care items are super important this year ó do I even need to say why? If youíre stumped on how to show someone a little love through material means, reach for a bath bomb, face mask or candle. I love the products at Lush; theyíre ethically made and smell like heaven! Pillow and room sprays are also very trendy this year. Reach for a lavender or rose scent to gift them lots of sweet dreams.

Hair products are also always a hit! Iím currently obsessed with the brand Kirsten Ess ó the hair glosses, masks and conditioners do wonders for my hair. Choose their Signature Hair Gloss in crystal quartz to give a salon-quality treatment for less $$$.

If the endless eyeshadow palettes and lip colors overwhelm you, visit Colourpop! Their online site features lots of different palette options for your loved one without making gift-giving toooo difficult! Plus, their products are absolutely bomb but wonít break the bank. Whatís not to love?

The golden rule of holiday gifts: unless youíre besties with someone, donít gift any clothing unless youíre 100% sure what size is best for them. If you guess ó and you should never guess ó thereís a fairly good chance youíll guess wrong, which leads to nothing but bad feelings and store returns. If you donít know their sun sign, former favorite One Direction band member and size in American Eagle jeans vs. Levis, Iím guessing you arenít close enough to make that call.

Same goes for foundation shades, perfumes and any other super-personal items. When in doubt, grab a gift card and let them choose their perfect fit! Some online stores ó like Target ó also let your pal choose the sizing or color on gift items before placing an order, so be sure to explore your options!

Happy holidays, friends! However youíre celebrating this year, be sure to reach out to the people you cherish, either in-person or virtually. Gift-giving isnít the most important part of the holidays; people are. Also, remember to stuff your face with Christmas cookies. Both are excellent ways to spend the holiday. As always, reach out at @nbakerARROW on Twitter.