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Column: Your 2021 style resolutions

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Ahhhh, finally, we can say it: happy 2021!

Whew, Iíve been waiting forever for this day. If your 2020 was anything like mine, Iím sure youíve been excited, too!

With a new calendar year comes new goals. Is your new yearís resolution fashion-related? Mine definitely is! This year, I want to incorporate more unique pieces into my wardrobe and explore different styles. I usually opt for a neutral outfit with more ~spicy~ accessories or makeup, but Iíd love to incorporate more fun threads in my day-to-day wardrobe!

Whatís a makeover without a new hair color? Iím looking at some of the newest trends online, and it seems like the hottest hues of the new year are bold, bold, bold. Specifically, Iíve had my eye on Bella Hadidís new bright orange hair. BRB, Iím texting my hairstylist immediately. If youíve spent too many hours on TikTok, you might have also noticed the trend of two bright, face-framing pieces. Go for it!

It can also be fun to experiment with different faux piercings to change up your look! Finding a quality ear cuff or snug nose ring can create an edgier vibe with no commitment. Itís also a super-easy way to try out a piercing before going for the real thing! Pro tip: find a ring thatís adjustable so it fits perfectly! No one will know the difference.

If youíre bored of your current clothes, look to social media for inspiration! YouTube gurus like Emma Chamberlain break down the newest trends on their platforms. Also, take a look at fast fashion brandsí Instagrams ó even though I wouldnít recommend purchasing their threads for ethical and environmental reasons, Forever21 and Zara have a pretty good eye on whatís hot right now.

Even more important than following trends? Finding a style that makes you feel the most confident version of yourself. This year, be sure to find what the fashion world has in store for you by simply trying new things!

Thatís all for today ó tag me in your new year, new you fashion looks at @nbakerARROW on Twitter!