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Movie Night at Rose Theater: SAC Plays “The King of Staten Island”

Thursday, February 4, 2021
Anna Ockel, Student Activities Counsel president, pops popcorn before the movie “The King of Staten Island” starts on Sat., Jan 30, at Grauel. Inside Rose Theater, the movie starts by showing Pete Davidson’s character, Scott Carlin, driving down the road with his eyes closed.
Photo by Stephanie Russo

To welcome students back to campus, the Student Activities Council (SAC) hosted a week of events, including creating your own zen garden on Jan. 27 and laser tag on Jan. 29.

To finish the week, the SAC showed “The King of Staten Island” at Rose Theater in Grauel at 7 p.m. Jan. 30. The R-rated movie featuring comedian Pete Davidson involves a young adult dealing with similar problems that Davidson has dealt with, as the movie is a semi-autobiography. The themes of the movie include being on your own, mourning the death of a loved one and being unsure of what to do next.

Southeast senior Anna Ockel, SAC president, said the movie was chosen by a vote by the other members of the SAC.

“All of our movies are put together, and then we put it to a vote at our general body meetings. It was a cohesive decision by our general body members, which is usually between 35 to 40 students,” Ockel said.

Southeast freshman Jessica Tuggle said she heard about the movie through the flyers placed around the University Center.

“I saw the little pamphlets on the tables at the UC about the events for opening week. It included the movie at the end of the week and one of my friends invited me for us to watch together,” Tuggle said.

During the screening, Rose Theater was filled with the laughs of Southeast students. The movie was received well; Grace Sutton, a Southeast sophomore, said she enjoyed the movie.

“This was my first time seeing this movie; I hadn’t heard of it before,” Sutton said. “I thought it was really good and really funny. I’m certainly glad that I came to watch it.”

On Friday, Feb. 12, SAC will host comedian Ronnie Jordan at 8 p.m. in the Academic Auditorium. The event is free for students with a valid student ID. Ockel said events are funded by students’ fees and encourages students to come out and have fun during their time at SEMO.