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Working (out) from home: Southeast style

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Southeast’s Aerial yoga and group fitness room waiting to be used after sanitization.
Photo by Allison Lauter

Working out from home has presented many challenges and difficulties for exercise enthusiasts within the past year. Struggles with lifestyle habits, technology and interaction are all a part of the experience.

Working out at home has presented itself timelier for those with busy lives.

The downsides include a lack of equipment leading to people spending money on the necessary hardware, improper one-on-one training time and forcing unlimited distractions.

Former group fitness instructor at Southeast, Christi Hartung taught several types of yoga classes at SEMO for four years, before graduating.

“Instructing was hard via Facebook live because I couldn't see what students were doing so I had a hard time knowing if everyone understood or was doing the work correctly,” Hartung said.

Hartung also mentioned it was difficult keeping clients with virtual classes. She said the lack of clients would occasionally get her down.

Freshman Grace Schremp discusses her experience working out from home.

“At the beginning, I tried to make up my own workouts and then that got inconsistent, so I decided I need to look elsewhere,” Schremp said, “I started following Sydney Cummings on YouTube and she has hundreds of free workouts for different levels.”

Cummings is an online coach who makes free recordings and exercise programs to follow.

Schremp said due to her lack of equipment at home she had to adapt to workouts without weights. Outdoor workouts such as walking, biking or running have been encouraged as well as simple bodyweight movements.

Junior Daniel Frew explains his creative process while attempting to workout during the pandemic. Frew said he has had to create his own bodyweight workouts to maintain his lifestyle at home.

“Working out was easier my freshman year at SEMO because there were no restrictions,” Frew said, “I began using the outdoor track by myself. This meant riding my bike to the track to run was my new innovative way to workout.”

Home workouts are difficult for various reasons. NerdFitness, an online coaching website, said some tips to keep you on track are to focus on what you eat the most. According to NerdFitness, “bodyweight workouts such as squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, or even jumping jacks are an effective workout,” according to NerdFitness.

Students may be able to revert to pre-COVID guidelines at the Recreation Center in the future.

For the current Southeast Recreation Center guidelines check out For step-by-step videos and tips from NerdFitness visit