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Column: Plan the perfect Ďfit for your vaccine appointment

Friday, April 2, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

As Lin-Manuel Miranda announced in the second track of his Broadway musical ďHamilton,Ē Iím not throwing away my shot.

AKA, this girl is excited about her COVID-19 vaccine.

With any special occasion comes the question: What to wear? Receiving the vaccine feels like a combination of Christmas-birthday-every-holiday good feels, so an amazing Ďfit is very important.

For this day, Iíd recommend keeping it practical and cute! Basic logistics: the volunteer administering the vaccine needs access to your upper arm!

If you followed trends circa 2016, you might have purchased a cold shoulder top. In the back of my closet, thereís a sweater with cutouts at the upper arm and shoulder area. The design seems so silly now, I knowwwww ó but itís absolutely perfect for COVID shot day! Do a dive into your old clothes for a top practically made for the occasion. Creds for this idea ó in a Tweet, Dolly Parton shared a video of her receiving the vaccine while wearing the unique top.

For a more updated style, choose a top thatís sleeveless. A super cute pairing might be a tank top and flannel! The long-sleeve flannel will keep you warm on these windy and chilly days but allows the volunteer to administer the vaccine easily! We love to see it.

Letís say your vibe is a bit more Hashtag Girl Boss. Pair a short-sleeve white tee with a blazer and your fave jeans! Iím currently obsessed with a sage green blazer from Target ó affordable and trendy is the name of the game!

If you havenít made your plans to get vaccinated yet ó what are ya doing?! Check out Saint Francis Medical Center, SoutheastHEALTH and the Cape Girardeau Public Health Centerís websites to plan your vaccine.

Iíve also heard Southeast is having a student-only vaccine clinic on April 7 if you havenít previously received the first dose. Thereís also lots of other locations and times for other clinics that arenít exclusive to students, in case youíve got a packed schedule on Wednesday!

When youíre heading to the appointment, think outside of the ďjeans and a nice top!Ē Tweet me your vaccine outfits at @nbakerARROW!