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Column: Four fashion takeaways from Tay’s music video

Friday, April 9, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 (fashion tips from Tay).

JK! My 10,000-word essay on the beauty of Taylor Swift’s wardrobe is gonna wait for another day. Sigh.

What I do have for you today is four style lessons I learned from the many, many years of watching videos by the one and only TS. Check them out below:

> Find your signature style. For Taylor, it’s that “red lip classic.” In her “1989” and “Red” eras and videos such as “Blank Space,” she practically owned the concept of red lipstick. Personally, I feel it’s fun to choose a signature — such as specific perfume or jewelry — to create a unique style. I love winged eyeliner; I used to wear it every day! While I’ve grown away from it, much like Taylor did with red lipstick, it’s still a fun phase.

> Don’t restrict yourself to gender roles (or the male gaze!). Her video, “The Man,” is a three-minute-and-forty-seven-second masterpiece. The lyrics are dripping in the remains of a smashed patriarchy as she describes all the things she could do if she was male. In one line, she references how women are often judged based on their wardrobe when men don’t receive the same treatment. Bottom line? Shake it off, and express yourself however you want! And yes, that’s Tay Tay as the lead actor in the video.

> There’s not one way to look beautiful! I totally freaked out when “Bad Blood” dropped. It features lots of incredibly talented celebs, and they’re all wearing similar uniforms of fierce attire. Think: futuristic suits, patent leather armor and bodysuits. The diverse cast features actors, musicians, models and more; while I would’ve loved to see more body diversity, I appreciate how TS brought all these people together. Shoutout to the Meredith Grey — uh, Ellen Pompeo — appearance!

> Individuality is key. In “You Need to Calm Down,” everyone expresses themselves and everyoneeee has a good time. Tay’s hot pink coat is iconic, and I’m obsessed with Laverne Cox’s rose gold glittery dress. Everyone in the video embraces their own identity — and style — and looks fabulous while doing it. As someone who appreciates bright colors and fun fashion, I’d say this video is perfect for any fashionista. Also, who could hate Taylor’s fry costume and Katy’s burger ‘fit? Bestie goals.

While I am a huge fan, we gotta keep creators accountable. Miss Swift receives minus points for those “She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts” lines in “You Belong with Me.” Comparing ourselves to other people and assigning moral value to certain garments is sooooo 2009. This type of “i’M nOt liKe oTheR giRLs” mentality was definitely a product of the time period, and she’s moved away from it, so I’ll give her that.

Honorable mention for all her fashion-themed titles: Dress, Cardigan, Style… the list goes on.

I really wish I had more space to explain the connection between Taylor Swift and impeccable fashion, but it looks like that’s all for this column! Do you have any fave fashion looks from Taylor’s music videos? Tweet me at @nbakerARROW!