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Competitions for the community - Greek Week 2021

Friday, April 23, 2021

Greek Life is a big part of the Southeast University community, with more than 20 different fraternities and sororities on campus. To do good for Southeast and Cape Girardeau, once a year, students plan a week-long event called Greek Week. During this event, the Greek houses of Southeast give back to the community while having fun during the process.

Different chapters take part in Greek Week events that create friendly competition while raising awareness, money and supplies for the local community. During Greek Week, there are blood drives for students to donate blood, Walk-a-Mile events to raise awareness about sexual violence and food drives to collect items like canned food and hygiene products.

Anne Unger, a senior studying fashion merchandising, is a member of Tri Sigma. Unger said Greek Week is meant to blend the fun of competition with the aspect of helping others.

“Greek Week is a fun competition between all the sororities and fraternities on campus,” Unger said. “Our main goal is to raise money and have food and clothing drives for local charities.”

Unger said Greek Week is her favorite event as a Greek member — she loves giving back to the community.

Joey Kedl, a senior studying advertising, is the director of Southeast Greek Week 2021. Kedl said a big part of giving back to the community is to highlight the good sororities and fraternities do.

“Greek Week is such a great opportunity to shed light on the good that comes from Greek life,” Kedl said. “A lot of people outside of the Greeks don’t get to see all the good — they hear more of the negative. It’s a good way to show we can do a lot for the local community.”

Kedl said Greek Week is student-run, with Associate Vice President for Student Life Bruce Skinner as the advisor. Kedl said they attempt to keep the same events they have coordinated during previous years.

Greek Week started April 10 and ended April 18. On April 18, the week-long celebration ended with a Greek formal, where awards were given to the winning team, as well as individual awards like New Member of the Year and Greek Man/Woman of the Year. The winners of Greek Week were the team of Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Delta Theta. Tri Delta won sorority of the year, and Phi Delta Theta won fraternity of the year.

More information about Greek Week can be found on the Southeast Greek Week Instagram page.