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Column: Deck out your ear with the latest piercing trends

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Todayís column comes with a chilly forecast: Iím predicting lots of ice today!

Ice, ice babyyyy ó weíre discussing jewelry essentials!

For a start, new piercings have totally entered the mainstream in the past few years. When weíve studied the definition of ďdressĒ in my Social Psychological Aspects of Dress class, piercings and tattoos are always included. Expanding your definition of fashion can help to explore your style in fun new ways! Iím taking you on a quick tour of your ear and potential spots to deck out your look.

Everyone and their mom knows the basic lobe piercings. Maybe you even got yours at Claireís while preteens gawked at ya (guilty!). You might get one, two or three piercings at this spot ó it all depends on your earís real estate!

This spot is pretty versatile, jewelry-wise. Recent trends include thick gold hoops, quirky dangling objects and minimalist geometric shapes.

Further up the ear, you can opt for the conch piercing on the inside of your ear. Iíve heard this one involves quite a bit more ouch, so keep your pain tolerance in mind! This spot looks super cute pierced with a hoop ó Iíve seen peeps rock a delicate gold ring in this area. When picking out jewelry at your piercing appointment, work with your piercer to determine the right sizing. A too-tight hoop can irritate the tender piercing!

The fan-favorite helix piercing is next. Itís located near the top of your ear and is often referred to as the ďcartilageĒ piercing. This girlís gotten her helix pierced twice, and I definitely recommend choosing a stud over a hoop as starter jewelry! The hoop didnít heal as well and hurt soooo much worse when sleeping on that side. I eventually removed it and got it repierced with a stud. The good news? This piercing isnít super painful at the appointment ó just a quick pinch, and youíre done!

Once the piercing is healed, you can switch out starter jewelry for something with a lil more pizazz. A tiny, flat gold stud can be especially cute at this spot. I personally have my eye on a teeny rose gold hoop for my own piercing!

Oh ó one thing! Letís chat jewelry materials real quick. Youíll likely receive your starter jewelry from the piercing shop, which may include titanium or surgical steel. Gold or sterling silver might be fine once the piercing heals, but be cautious of any mixed metals! In an article on their website, Healthline warns against nickel, as itís a common allergen.

Graphic by Alisha Reisenbichler

Industrial piercings involve a longer metal bar at the top of your ear ó you know the one! This appointment might be a lil more painful as thereís two piercing sites, but I know youíll do just fine. In terms of jewelry, youíre a bit more limited. This spot works best with a bar, so peruse Etsy or your fave jewelry retailer for some cute options!

Our last topic for today ó the daith piercing ó is a bit mysterious to me. Iíve heard some say this spot hits a pressure point to relieve migraines. Itís located in the inner part of your ear; check a piercing diagram for the exact placing. Some opt for a tiny hoop at this spot, but a colorful gem stud would be totes cute, too! This spot is a bit more subtle, so reaching for eye-catching jewelry is perfect.

While these are what Iíd consider the top piercing spots, thereís lots more variations! Tweet me your fave trendy ear jewelry at @nbakerARROW!