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Rocky start for new SGA executives; push for 2021-2022 board fails

Thursday, April 29, 2021
Graphic by Ally Bruemmer

The approval session for Student Government Association President-Elect Layla Bouzihay’s executive board appointments hit a rough patch at the final meeting of the semester when the senators’ votes failed to pass the resolution to approve next year's executive board.

“You need two-thirds majority vote to pass,” Bouzihay said. “We didn’t get past it.”

As stated bylaw passed last semester, new executives were expected to present their appointed positions at the last meeting, Bouzihay said. Seven current members of SGA were appointed.

Of the members in attendance, 13 voted in favor of approving the board, two voted against and 14 abstained from voting. Bouzihay, Nolan Knupp and Sophie Macher, the 2021-2022 president, vice president and treasurer, were three of the 10 members who abstained from voting. Their appointees made up the other seven, in an effort to reduce bias.

“If we were told that abstaining would cause a less than two-thirds majority vote, then our team wouldn’t have abstained,” Bouzihay said. “So, the next steps are really just to ride it out and, first meeting in September, we’ll just have the executive board voted in.”

The current SGA executive board has declined to comment at this time.

Plans for SGA this summer, despite not having officially appointed members to positions, are for Bouzihay’s appointees to act as if they’ve been approved, attend meetings with university officials and fulfill campaign initiatives, Bouzihay said.

“I’m going to have a lot of one-on-one meetings with all of my team to get a good base for the next year,” Bouzihay said. “I want to have everything ready to go when school starts.”

Monday, May 3, marks SGA’s end-of-year banquet. All minutes and agendas for SGA meetings can be found on the SGA webpage. The Arrow’s livestream of the meeting can be found on their Facebook page.