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Southeast River Campus closes the year with Series II Concert

Friday, May 7, 2021
The Wind Symphony bass trombone players come together to take a picture at the end of their Series II concert.
Photo by Arielle Adams

The Donald C. Bedell Performance Hall was filled with audience members and loud cheers as the Wind Symphony and Percussion Ensemble took their final appearance on stage for the year on Tuesday, May 4.

Concert band member and principal trombonist Destiny Barbeau said she was very proud of the symphony’s execution of the overall performance.

“I thought our quintet sounded amazing. We were really together, and our blend was nice,” Barbeau said. “I was proud of what we did, and we worked hard for it.”

Wind Symphony member and bass trombonist Brendan Iverson said having fun and enjoying themselves while playing is a key component during performances.

“[Practices] were really intense. We tried to make sure our professor was in on it as much as possible to give us guidance,” Iverson said.

The Wind Symphony met two to three times per week to prepare their pieces for the concert, principal trombone member Ashleigh Green said.

Although the Wind Symphony and Percussion Ensemble members were pleased with the show’s outcome, they faced challenges in preparing for it due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Hopefully, we can actually have full rehearsals [next year], because we currently can only be in a room playing for 30 minutes at a time,” Green said. “We’re not getting a full rehearsal, and we cannot meet as a whole ensemble because there are too many people in the room.”

These students hope to get back to pre-COVID-19 practices and be able to practice for the entire duration of their normal practice time, rather than only the current 30-minute block they are allowed. This will also enable all members of the ensemble to meet and rehearse all together.

For more information about the Southeast Wind Symphony and Percussion Ensemble, visit the music department’s webpage or the River Campus events webpage.