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War for the Real(est) Gameday Look

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette baker

RuPaul said it best: ďYou better work!Ē

AKA, my special message to the makeup primers this week.

Thursday is the annual War for the Wheel football game against SIU, and I gotta say ó thereís nothing worse than (literally) melting in the heat when you should be cheering on your fave team.

You knowwww that uniquely Missouri combination of humidity and heat is out to get ya AND your super-cute gameday look. Primers are the ~almost magical~ solution to your every problem.

Well, not every problem. It may not help Chad text you back (sorry!). But itís worth a try!

Personally, I love the affordable e.l.f. Cosmetics putty primer ó itís been my ride or die since, uhhh, like 2019. My pal and style icon, K, personally recommends Tarteís poreless mattifying primer. Itís also vegan ó we love to see it!

If youíre choosing sparkles for your gameday look, itís important to score a solid routine. Our brand manager at the Arrow, Kailyn, shared her fave tips from her high school cheerleading days. Laying Carmex lip balm under glitter ensures a budge-free look without any eye irritants, she says.

No time for DIY? Order a primer especially created for the sparkle on your eyes. NYXís holographic tube of joy ó from their website or Target ó helps the glitter stay put.

Okay, but what about when you actually need to remove that makeup at the end of the night?

Put down your rose quartz: thereís no need to manifest clear skin.

After the pregame, actual game, afterparty and (of course) 2 a.m. McDonalds run, your face is gonna be screaming for some serious relief. Reach for a cleanser thatís as heavy duty as your look. Itís a multi-step process, pals, so take notes!

First, I use makeup wipes to remove any visible glitter and body paint. Of course, itís not going to erase everythinggggg, so a liquid or gel cleanser as follow-up is essential. I love Glossierís Milky Jelly or the cleanser from Targetís Up and Up brand.

Harsh paints or eyeliner can easily dry out the sensitive skin on your face ó never forget a moisturizer before you head to bed. Oh, also? Only use face and body paint approved for use on skin. Those acrylic paints from art class arenít gonna cut it.

Share your school spirit look from Thursdayís game! Tweet me photos and game day makeup tips at @nbakerARROW!