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Southeast’s Intramural Flag Football League makes adjustments for upcoming season

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Intramural (IM) flag football at Southeast is getting ready to make its annual comeback this fall, but with a few adjustments to the rulebook, as well as the league itself.

Southeast’s intramural flag football has three respective leagues: a men’s, women’s and co-rec league. Each team is scheduled to play twice a week this fall and is guaranteed four games a week.

This year, a few changes were made to the rules, and some of last year’s guidelines are no longer in place.

Last year, players were required to wear masks during games; that requirement no longer stands. Tyler McLemore, assistant director of programs, said he thinks the removal of the mask mandate is the biggest thing the players will appreciate this season.

“Based on the Protect the Nest guidelines here at Southeast, [flag football] is considered an outdoor activity where [students] are exercising, so they will not have to wear masks,” McLemore said.

Kevia Grant, a junior at Southeast and returning female flag football player, said she felt the removal of the mask mandate was a good move by the staff.

“Well, I am actually glad that they took the mask rule away, because it was very difficult to breathe in them, especially when it was hot,” Grant said.

Antonio Redden, a junior at Southeast and returning IM flag football participant, said he likes the removal of the mask mandate since the teams play outside.

“The chances of us getting Covid would be much lower,” Redden said.

Redden also mentioned that this year, two major tactics are no longer allowed: stiff arming (when the ball carrier pushes a defender away with the arm that is not holding the ball) and hurdling (when the ball carrier attempts to jump over a defender). Both of these tactics are often used to protect the person running with the ball.

“I think these [rules] were made to reduce the risk of injuries, which is smart,” Redden said.

Southeast’s intramural flag football will return Oct. 4 at the Upper Bertling Intramural Field. For more information, click here.