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Social style star superlatives

Friday, October 1, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Stop the doomscrolling and surf the socials’ best fashion accounts, instead!

Today, I’m awarding titles to the coolest fashion influencers on Insta, from menswear to roller-skating icons.

Sorry, Kylie K, you didn’t make the cut.

Wisdom Kaye - @wisdm

The award for Absolutely Coolest goes to none other than Wisdom Kaye.

Everyyyyyyyy singleeeee timeeeee I see Wisdom’s videos, I’m absolutely blown away by how creative and stylish this man is. Described as the “best-dressed guy on Tiktok” by Vogue, the model from Houston combines fantasy and high-fashion in a way you’ve never thought possible. Think: anime villain ‘fits combined with sky-high heeled boots. Every look is futuristic, fun and neverrrr basic. Feel free to binge his videos for, like, five hours.

Ashley aka Bestdressed - @best.dressed

Ashley won the “Best Dressed” superlative in her high school yearbook, aka her screen name, so it’s only fair she receives it here.

Between thrift flips and apartment makeovers, her Youtube account is the cutest. She also focuses on consuming only sustainable fashion. A win!

While her videos may seem work-friendly, her quirky, slightly ~spicy~ commentary will make you laugh out loud. She’s actually the person who introduced “spicy” into my vocabulary, and I couldn’t be more grateful <3.

Ash is a film school graduate, which you can def see in her videos! Sadly, she hasn’t posted in nine months, after the YouTuber was forced to move apartments because of a stalking incident. Creepy men ruin everything!

You can still check out her daily fashion-filled adventures on her Instagram.

Esty - @esty

Have you ever seen sooo much talent in an Insta account? Esty is a musician, roller skater andddddd total style icon. Currently, she’s rocking half-blonde, half-black hair (totally chic!) and alwaysssss does inventive, creative things with her eyeliner.

On Insta’s reels, she’s seen skating in fur crop tops and Barbie-pink matching sets. How?! She takes the title of Most Talented, by no contest.

Did I mention her roller skates are super cute, too?!

La - @laraadkins

Lara wins every award for Tiktok and Reels transitions. Her styling videos, set to bops such as “Luxurious” and “Work It,” are filled with color and totally unique. She doesn’t shy away from bold patterns or cutouts — we love! Totally the poster child for Gen Z fashion!

Ummm, she’s also the queen of the fab Grinch look. IYKYK!

Jo Ando-Hirsh - @joeandohirsh

Okay, so long story short, Jo is the boyfriend of Lara’s older sister. Who knew! He totally earns Best TikTok Designer.

His videos of designing, creating and trying on fun outfits have gained popularity on the platform. NYC-based Jo will often create clothes for his model gf Niamh, ranging from sunny summer dresses to sweaters. It’s totes fascinating to watch the videos of him working on clothing!

IMDb says he was also an actor on “The Walking Dead.” Um, totally listing him on my zombie apocalypse team! If I ever fight zombies, I’m doing so ✨ in style ✨.

Who are your fave icons on Insta? Tweet me your account recs at @nbakerARROW!