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TikTok has spoken: brunette is in!

Friday, October 22, 2021

And just like that, the TikTok-ers have declared an entire hair color irrelevant.

On the app, there’s no greater sin than being called “cheugy.” And according to Insta influencer @kalistadwyer, the hair color blonde is uh, possibly, cheugy to the max. She cites a specific video from a TikTok user who says all the “cool girls” rock brunette hair.

Pals, I’ve done my best to track down this specific TikTok user, with absolutely no luck. So you’ve gotta trust me on this.

Personally, I love blonde highlights — I spent most of 2021 and several salon trips to attain a light golden shade. This fall, though, instead of icy blonde highlights, we’re seeing lots of shades of brunette: from sandy light brown to deep chocolate, there’s lots of range to this trend.

If you’d like to dive into this TikTok trend, I’ve got alllllllll the details for ya! To start, this guide by Byrdie is super helpful! Let me break it down for ya.

One of the most trendy hair combos rn is a sharp, shoulder-length bob with deep brown hair. Ask your fave stylist for a warm brunette; if you’ve got cool-toned skin, it’ll liven up your skin tone for the perfect glow.

If you tend to sway on the more warm side of the skin tone spectrum, cool brunettes are your go-to. If you’d love to go dark, reach for an espresso hue; for lighter strands, check out the “bronde” trend. It’s the best of blonde and brunette worlds.

And if you’re more neutral, uhhhhhhhhhh everyone envies you! Neutral skin tones can pull off any range of hues, effortlessly, according to Byrdie. Go for it, girl boss!

When in doubt on whether you're warm or cool, always check a guide to the best hair hues for your skin tone.

But wait — isn’t it kind of lame to follow fashion rules? Why should I listen to someone on social media?

If we’re being honest, pals, I’m a bit frightened of the power of TikTok teens to deem something uncool. So for the foreseeable future, I’ll be rocking my natural hair with just a bit of those brunette-blonde highlights. Call me cheugy allllll you want.

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