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Animal Crossing: New Horizons ó cozy, cute and creative!

Thursday, November 18, 2021
Graphic by Kristen Poelker

As the fall season progresses more and more each day, what better way to sit back and relax than by playing Animal Crossing?

Specifically, New Horizons has been all the rage. Iím superrrrr late to the trend, but I can finally say Iím a New Horizons player! So far, itís been super fun. It has such a different feel than Wild World or New Leaf, and yet it still has those core elements that make it an Animal Crossing game.

The music, the scenery, the quirky villagers Ö Whitney was always my favorite. Such a drama queen!

Right now, Iím still working through the beginning sections of the game. I feel itís a lot more go-at-your-own-pace than the other games. I played Wild World a ton as a kid, and it was very cut and dry.

Essentially, this is how it went. Tom Nook: You owe me bells. Pay now. Work for me. Loan paid off. Free reign over the rest of the game.

On the island in New Horizons, he seems a lot more laid back. Maybe a vacation is what he needed.

Iím just really excited to start decorating my island soon. I know I am going to spend an ungodly amount of time making it look perfect, only to completely rearrange it again! I really want to have sort of a flowery-oasis vibe. I want a lot of pink items, for sure ó pink sidewalks, pink houses, pink villagers!

There are around 40 pink villagers in animal crossing...I think I can get at least one.

I really want to collect all of the Sanrio furniture and outfits, too. They are just so cute!!!

As of right now, I only have one outfit. Itís from my friend Kristen, who also made the graphic for this week!!

I can have the gothic Lolita style of my dreams now.

I also canít wait to wear it to the upcoming Turkey Day event! For those who donít know, it is basically an in-game Thanksgiving celebration that takes place Nov. 26.

On that day in New Horizons, you can collect ingredients and give them to Franklin the chef. He will then turn them into a delicious meal! Some of the upcoming dishes you can make include clam chowder, pumpkin pie, gratin and fish meuniere.

The last one sounds fancy! But is eating fish in game a crime as a vegetarian? Please let me know ...

All in all, I really do understand the hype behind the game. Itís so relaxing, and there is so much creativity that can be put into it.

Iím definitely going to keep you guys updated on the status of my island. I have a lot of work to do!

But if youíd like to play with me or celebrate Turkey Day together, add my friend code: SW-1907-9761-5786.

And if youíd like to get in contact with me to chat or play a different game, add me on Discord at emma#2670, or follow me on Instagram, @emmakarrow.