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Arrow-scopes Jan. 26 - Feb. 2

Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Graphic by Kailyn Veach

Aries, 2021 was Ö rough. You held on through the thick of it, and itís going to pay off. This week means seeing the fruits of your labor. Itís time to take what youíve learned from this experience and invest in the future.

Taurus, Valentineís Day may be a couple weeks out, but that energy is already in play for you. Your cool and stable energy is attracting more than just opportunities. (; Keep your eyes and options open for new experiences.

Gemini, similar to Taurus, this week is a time to look at the partnerships in your life. Whether that be romantic or business, those relationships are set to blossom and grow this week.

Cancer, conflict resolution and problem solving are on your side this week. New and improved methods based on learning how you and your circle communicate will lead to intimate conversations and tighter bonds.

Leo, a career boss! This week brings you new opportunities to expand your talents in your professional life. Even if you donít feel ready to make that jump, the energy right now says itís your time.

Virgo, Mercuryís retrograde is weighing heavy on your patience with others. Take a little extra time to take care of your mental health. Try some breathing exercises or quiet alone time, and remember: Not everyone is as pedal to the metal as you, and itís not your job to make them.

Libra, your week is looking like smooth sailing. Venus goes direct at the end of the week, and youíre going to feel the full effects of it. Any issues you were having with a romantic partner or other significant relationship will dissipate in this energy.

Scorpio, if youíve been lashing out lately, this is the time to step back and take a good look at whoís really to blame for that heavy energy. You get back what you put into the world, and that applies to the energy you give to others.

Sagittarius, make. That. Money! This week spells financial gains for you. Itís good to do things because youíre passionate about them, but wanting money in return for your efforts isnít greedy.

Capricorn, a true skeptic at heart, youíre going to feel hesitant to lean into this optimistic, ďI can do itĒ energy headed your way this week. Take that energy and run with it ó youíre more capable and powerful than you think.

Aquarius, your experience in knowing your stuff is going to make you a go-to person for those seeking advice and wisdom this week. You may be feeling a little more put together than usual, and why wouldnít you? It is almost your birthday, after all.

Pisces, not gonna lie, this week is gonna be rough. Better to let it roll off your back than to hold on so tight you break your own fingers. Take this week to practice calming exercises and not taking things personally.