Southeast Missouri State University student publication

The Sounds of Music: Glee Club seeks new members for spring semester

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Southeast students showcased their singing skills as they stepped up to the mic to audition for Southeast Missouri State University’s Glee Club. The organization held two-day auditions for any upcoming new members in the UC Monday, Jan. 24, in the Redhawk Room, and Wednesday, Jan. 26, in the Tribute Room, from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m.

Glee Club member Rachel Pfile said she has been singing in the Glee Club since last semester.

“I love the Glee Club so much! We are a big family, and the friends that I made are getting closer to everyone,” Pfile said. “My favorite event was our Christmas show we did last semester.”

President Cami Bonine said it isn't difficult to be accepted as a member of the club.

“We hope to expand on our new members,'' Bonine said. “It is really tough getting new members in the spring, since everyone has mostly already joined their organization.”

Once new members are accepted, the next step is practicing new songs and learning choreography. Then, the group will begin booking side gigs at locations around the University.

Abigail Kester, a new member, said she remembers her first day auditioning for the Glee Club.

“I saw the flier, and I had never done Glee Club, specifically. I’ve done choir and theater, but never anything in the middle,” Kester said. “The day of the audition, I did not have a song picked out, and I just picked something.”

Kester sang “Meant to Be Yours” from “Heathers: The Musical.” She knew she wanted to be a part of the Glee Club when she saw a question on the sign-in sheet asking which Hogwarts house she was a part of; she said she’s a Slytherin.

Currently, the only show the Glee Club has planned is their end-of-the-semester finale beginning April 26. More details will be added to their social media pages. To learn more or to ask questions about what the Glee Club has to offer, visit their Instagram.