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Towers Landing now open with six restaurants to choose from

Thursday, August 18, 2022
The sign leading to Towers Landing hangs on the wall welcoming students.
Photo by Jowairia Khalid

Towers Landing is now open, providing to-go-style meals for students from homestyle barbecue to ice cream.

Previously known as Towers Café, the landing has six main restaurants: Trading Post Smokehouse, Broadway Street Burgers, Cardiac Hill Cantina, The Greenhouse, The Hill Pasta Works and Pure Eats. Between them, students can eat a variety of meals.

The system may be unfamiliar for students, old and new. When entering Towers Landing, students will tell the cashier how many meals they would like. The cashier will remove the meals from their balance, and hand the student a receipt for each meal which serve as tickets. From the six restaurants, students will choose their main meal and side. They will place their tickets in the restaurant’s respective boxes and may use more than one for multiple meals.

Director of Chartwells marketing and student engagement Alicia Ticer said students like knowing what will be on the menu before they arrive at their preferred dining location and having consistency in their meals.

“When students come to Towers Landing, they already have something in mind for what they want to get,” Ticer said. She said, to add variety, there will be limited-time offers for a week or a day, but students will typically know what to expect. “We kept the students in mind when deciding how we could improve and innovate campus dining,” she said.

Students who fancy homestyle barbecue can eat at Trading Post Smokehouse for pulled pork, chicken and brisket, with a side of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans or Texas toast.

Broadway Street Burgers offers beef, chicken, ham and cheese or black bean burgers. Their sides include chicken and meatless nuggets, onion rings or tater tots. For breakfast, they will serve English muffins, spinach and egg sandwiches, bacon and egg sandwiches or a rotating omelet special.

A patch on one of the Towers Landing workers uniforms.
Photo by Jowairia Khalid

The Hill Pasta Works includes a variety of pasta choices including vegetable pasta or toasted ravioli. They also have personal cheese pizza, served with breadsticks. Cardiac Hill Cantina sells pork, beef, chicken or bean burritos with a typical side of chips and salsa.

Pure Eats will offer gluten-free, vegetarian foods and vegetarian proteins like lentils and lentil pasta. The menu at Pure Eats will change daily. Vegetarians may also enjoy The Greenhouse, which specializes in loaded salads where students can choose proteins or dressing. Soup and breadsticks are on the side.

Desserts like cookies, brownies, ice cream, or waffles will be at the bakery. The bakery also supplies beverages like coffee, tea or a 32-ounce drink, with meals.

Ticer said students had many questions when the concept of Towers Landing was introduced and that it was important to interact with them about dining changes.

“It’s so important to connect with our students, starting and continuing conversations to understand the changes and educate students. We have to consistently communicate through different platforms to alleviate any lingering questions,” Ticer said.

For more information, visit dine on campus’ website, or follow their Facebook or Instagram.