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SGA modifies “Good Standing” requirement, highlights open positions for the new year

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The SEMO Student Government Association (SGA) voted to alter the requirement to be in “Good Standing” with the University as a qualification for SGA membership to include only undergraduate students, and the SGA candidates for Man and Woman of the Year.

SGA President Joel Philpott talked about the ruling.

“As some of you might have noticed last week, we did have a graduate student who was elected through general elections,” Philpott said.

He said the mistake was not caught because when SGA looks for candidates for their positions, they focus on all of the other qualifications, including class hours and cumulative GPA.

The elected student then chose to step down.

“He chose to step down to avoid conflict with his status. It was 100% his choice and it was our mistake,” Philpott said.

Another member of SGA, University Affairs Committee member Matthew Wilde stepped down.

“I really want someone who is passionate about this job and can put their full heart and everything into it. Because I’m doing SGA an injustice by being in so many different things,” Wilde said.

Wilde said he would stay on for another couple of weeks to help ease the transition for the new member and do what he could to help out.

SGA Advisor Michele Irby then highlighted some of the open positions on the University Affairs Committee. She said sometimes the advisory positions only have members, so it makes their voice more impactful. She also said they have low commitment.

Parliamentarian Jonah McGuire said he was on the Academic Assessment Committee, which he described as a great opportunity for people who want to be educators. Dining Services was also highlighted for people who want to work directly with Chartwells.

The council voted in closed session for their man and woman of the year nominees, choosing SGA Treasurer Heather Hoffman and College of Humanities and Social Science Senator Luke Collins.

“I just love the [SGA] a lot and am excited to be able to represent them,” Hoffman said. She has been in SGA for four years.

More information about SGA can be found on their SEMO website. They will meet Mondays at 8 p.m. in the UC Ballroom.