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How students can share their love on a budget

Monday, February 13, 2023
DIY Valentines Day gifts can be made with paper from home at little to no cost. According to an article by Good Housing Keeping, the traditional color of the red rose symbolizes love.
Photo by Rylee Schremp

Love is in the air at SEMO this Valentine’s Day, and college students don’t have to buy the biggest stuffed bear or the most expensive chocolates to make someone’s Valentine’s Day memorable.

There are many ways to give something meaningful to that special someone this holiday without breaking a budget.

Freshman nursing major Molly Rensing said she plans to make homemade valentines day cards with her friends for the holiday.

Rensing said she had all the materials previously, so she only spent a total of $0 to make their Valentine crafts.

Some students plan on having bigger celebrations for Valentine’s Day.

Family consumer science education major Lucy Souva plans to celebrate as a resident advisor and make some of her own homemade gift ideas.

“I’m having a Valentine's Day thing with my residents, so we’re making friendship bracelets and paper flowers,” Souva said.

Souva set a budget of only $10 for supplies, so she wouldn’t be spending too much money on crafts while still creating something meaningful.

Dustin Duncan, owner of D Duncan Floristry and Boutique in downtown Cape, sees a lot of foot traffic come through his shop during Valentine’s Day.

“It’s the one day we get to help spread happiness and love,” Duncan said. “It is really just to capture the moments when clients receive one of our arrangements or gifts. We really put a lot of thought into it.”

The boutique has a motto of being “all about that vase,” meaning what is received will be unique and be memorable.

D Duncan Floristry and Boutique features a floral bar that offers a full drink menu. It allows for guests to enjoy the environment and chat with friends, and maybe even make a bouquet of flowers for their Valentine.

Whether the budget is $0 or $10, it’s the thought that counts when sharing the love this Valentine's Day.