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Crime reports released by Cape Girardeau Police Department

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Cape Girardeau Police Department has released the 2022 annual Cape Girardeau Police Department report. According to the annual report, overall crime has dropped by 6%.

Group A offenses, such as homicide, sexual assaults, robbery and aggravated assault, have decreased over 10%. In a KFVS-12 report, the crimes of sex offenses, robbery, and arson have dropped since 2021; sex offenses have lowered to 29.5%, robbery has lowered to 57% and arson lowered to 61%.

KFVS-12 also reported Public Informations Officer, Bobby Newton, is moving into 2023 intending to decrease the crimes with more staffing in the patrol division and an increase of public awareness.

Chief of Police Wes Blair said the department is constantly looking for ways to improve and better serve the community as they work with organizations and leaders to identify and address the public safety concerns.