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Crisp Museum holds Tournament of Trivia for SEMO community

Thursday, February 23, 2023
The SEMO community comes together to enjoy the Tournament of Trivia at Crisp Museum on Feb. 22. The event presented an array of straightforward trivia questions.
Photo by Mattea DeClue

Students and families from both River Campus and Main Campus came together in a friendly competition of wits and shared snacks to bring attention to the Crisp Museum on Feb. 22.

Outreach Specialist for Crisp Museum Gary Tyler wants more students to interact with the museum on River Campus.

“We are trying to show them that the museum can be fun and part of their tradition of being a student here,” Tyler said.

He hoped that having more of a competition, even more people would rise to the challenge.

“We’ve done game nights in the past before we did trivia, we did board games and stuff like that, [but] we didn't really have that many come out for that, so doing trivia, hopefully we have more of an outreach,” Tyler said.

Senior student worker at Crisp Museum Savannah Lively was in charge of making the questions, as well as coordinating the gameplay.

“Our trivia night is broken up into two rounds. We have six categories that are returning and six that are brand new. We have classic board games, SEMO facts, ‘Disney classics,’ cartoon characters, ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Star Wars,’ Gen Z trends, Super Bowl, science, general knowledge, symbols and emblems, and commercial jingles,” Lively said. “We are also going to have a final jeopardy question at the very end.”

Historic preservation major freshman Bailee Porteous and sophomore Mackenzie Opal and freshman secondary english education major Sabrina Stavely worked together to bring home the winning title.

Freshman Bailee Porteous, Sabrina Stavely and sophomore Mackenzie Opal show their prize after the Tournament of Trivia.
Photo by Mattea DeClue

Porteous and Stavely were uneasy about the “Harry Potter” category.

“I was worried about ‘Harry Potter’ because I'm not a millennial,” Stavely said.

The group was very confident in other categories like commercial jingles and board games.

Opal, Porteous and Stavely agreed the event was a success, and was a great way to involve the museum into the lives of students.

“I think it's really fun. I love the Crisp events. I think it really gets the word out about the museum. It’s actually really cool here! The events are fun and there's hot cocoa and cookies,” Porteous said.