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SEMO women run home on sorority bid day

Wednesday, August 30, 2023
Delta Delta Delta active Casandra Zamacona hugs a new member after she runs home.
Photo by Kora Siebert

Bid Day takes over SEMO’s campus on Aug. 27 as the seven sororities invite their newest sisters home.

Bid Day is the last day of formal recruitment for sororities in which potential new members are invited to join.

Executive chapter advisor for Alpha Delta Phi, Whitney Choat attended the Bid Day festivities and welcomed new members to their new home.

“Bid day is a wonderful tradition that has been going on for generations, and it’s a wonderful time to welcome new members in each of our organizations. It’s super fun because parents and family members or legacies come down and join in the fun, and it’s just a big celebration for everyone,” Choat said.

Bid Day activities began in Academic Hall with the annual reveal of the Pi Chi’s sororities. Followed by the opening of the envelopes to see what sorority the potential new members, PNMs, have been invited to join.

Sophomore wildlife conservation student Madelyn Pyrtle opened her envelope from Sigma Sigma Sigma and said that she knew it was right, this was where her home needed to be.

“I was sitting there in the auditorium and my stomach was in knots. I was like ‘Oh no, what’s it going to be? What’s my card gonna say?’ And then, I opened my envelope and it was just like the wave of relief and I screamed, it was so perfect.”

The day’s events continued at Parker Field where the recruits learned chants and ran to their new sororities where they were welcomed by their sisters.

Freshman psychology major Brynn Bratcher said being welcomed into Gamma Phi Beta has been amazing.

“Everyone here is so uplifting and kind and I’m just really happy to be a part of this community,” Brynn said.

The day’s events concluded with the sororities and their newest members walking home to Greek Hill to celebrate.

Freshman elementary education major Keely Lauber said that she was very excited to be a member of Delta Delta Delta and wanted to be involved at SEMO while making new friends. Lauber said the day has been full of many emotions.

“I am very excited because my sister is in Delta Delta Delta, so I’m going home to my sister.”

After a week full of meeting new people and making new connections, these girls found their Panhellenic homes.