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SEMO introduces three new dining services on campus

Thursday, August 31, 2023
Amber Lynn Greenwood (middle) stands with her friends holding their smoothies from Smoothie Lab.
Photo by Rylee Schremp

SEMO Dining announced three new dining restaurants for students on campus: Smoothie Lab at St. Vincent Commons, Paper Lantern at Tower’s Landing and Redhawk Ramen at Houck’s Place.

Every semester Houck’s Place and St. Vincent Commons have a student choice option where students are able to vote for what restaurants they would like to have on campus. Students are able to vote by completing the Voice to Vision survey.

SEMO Dining’s director of marketing and student engagement Alicia Ticer said these new options bring more to the table as far as variety in students’ day to day diet. She said there will always be a vegetarian entree available.

Smoothie Lab at St. Vincent Commons is located on River Campus. At this dining venue students are able to get acai bowls, smoothies and sides. Protein powder is available upon request. This location is peanut/tree nut allergy friendly with its sunbutter option, made from sunflower seeds. The sides at this venue are also nutritional; featuring hummus, veggie cups and baked pita chips.

Sophomore nursing major Amber Lynn Greenwood visited Smoothie Lab for the first time. She rated her drink a 9/10. Greenwood ordered the Velocity Smoothie, made up of mango, pineapple, banana, orange juice and honey. Greenwood said she would be coming back.

Paper Lanterns is located in Tower’s Landing. According to Ticer, orange chicken has been shown to be the student’s most favorite, so it will always be served. Every other week Paper Lanterns will alternate between serving bang bang cauliflower, beef and broccoli, and bang bang shrimp and a tofu dish.

“Whenever we’re implementing these other restaurants, we look at ways that we can provide accommodation for those that are trying to avoid certain food allergies,” Ticer said.

Redhawk Ramen is located at Houck’s Place, inside the Merick Living Hall. This dining location provides choices of different types of noodles, broth base, protein and toppings for your bowl of ramen. The bowl includes half of a poached egg and a choice of a spring roll or crab rangoon.

Senior global studies major Joey Ivie visited Redhawk Ramen for the first time. Ivie rated her ramen a 8/10. Ivie ordered ramen with chicken broth, shredded chicken, peas, corn and green onions.

To have your voice heard by SEMO Dining, make sure to vote using the Voice to Vision survey sent out per semester. To see the hours of these new on campus restaurants visit Dining Venues on SEMO’s website.