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Crisp Museum hosts BFF Paint Night

Thursday, September 7, 2023
Sophomore health science major Alecia Doyle and senior multimedia journalism major Chandler Davis display their teamwork while painting at Crisp Museum. Both women are on the SEMO women’s basketball team.
Photo by Zach Huffman

Crisp Museum hosted a BFF Paint Night on Aug. 7 for students and the Cape Girardeau community to paint alongside their closest friends.

Students were provided with a small canvas, easel and various paints and encouraged to create artwork alongside their best friend.

Throughout the night curator of education with the Crisp museum, Ellen Flentge encouraged fun and creativity by asking participants questions about their best friends to provide conversation starters.

“When people come to Paint Night, even if they’re not known as being an artist, everybody has fun,” Flentge said. “Our BFF date night tonight, we were finding out lots of different things about each other. So they were kind of having conversations among themselves during the evening.”

Several of the painters attended Paint Night to escape from the stress of school and relax with a paint brush and an easel.

Sophomore nursing major Ellanore Bargen attended Paint Night with her friend to unwind and express their creativity.

“I think that especially for college students it is relaxing and a way to get away from the scholar aspect of school and more to the creative side,” Bargen said.

The women’s basketball team attended Paint Night to encourage strong bonds amongst the players.

Sophomore health science major Alecia Doyle said her coach encouraged the team to attend Paint Night.

“I think going to a Paint Night is important because it allows you to meet new people as well as get into your arts and crafts spirit,” Doyle said.

According to SEMO’s website Crisp Museum will continue to have Paint Nights throughout the year, each with a different theme. Football Fan on Oct. 5, Shining Moon on Nov. 2 and Snow Dance on Dec. 7.