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SEMO Celebrates 150th Homecoming with Annual Parade and Tailgate

Sunday, October 15, 2023

S-E M-O! SEMO’s homecoming parade and tailgate took Cape Girardeau by storm on Oct 14.


SEMO’s Annual Homecoming Parade took place on Oct. 14 from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

A large part of SEMO’s homecoming parade is the float contest between pairings of fraternities and sororities. Members of these Greek organizations spend hours working on floats for the parade.

The theme for the float contest this year was SEMO throughout the decades. Each pairing was given a decade to base their float’s theme around.

Junior Alpha Chi Omega member Madison Lambert enjoyed the parade and said she believes that her sorority did well.

Lambert said that the parade was really fun and setting up the float went really smoothly, even with the challenge of making it 70s disco-themed.

The fraternity and sorority pairing that won the float contest was Sigma Chi and Alpha Delta Pi with their 1950s-themed float. Their float featured a red vintage car sitting atop the float.

Alumni Kirsten Strebe thought the homecoming parade provided an opportunity for members of the community to offer their thanks to local veterans and veteran alumni.

“I really enjoy the military aspects that they have in it,” Strebe said. “I think they're very meaningful.”

During the parade, the finalists for Man and Woman of the Year were presented, and the winners were announced during the football game. This year, the winners are Nolan Briegal and Addison McMahan.


SEMO’s football game tailgate took place not long after the parade outside of Houck Stadium from 11:00-2:00 p.m.

The tailgate featured tents for student organizations, local organizations, and alumni.

Junior criminal justice major Joshua Chambers said he believes that tailgates are an excellent chance for students to bring together their family and friends that may not have an opportunity to meet otherwise.

“I love the fact that I get to bring so many different people from my life that may not go here or family that’s close… I get to introduce them to all the people that I go to school with,” Chambers said.

“I love introducing them so they get to see a side of my life that they usually don't get to see when they're back home.”

The SEMO band entertained the massive crowd at the tailgate.

Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Joel Rhodes said he enjoyed the band’s performance.

Rhodes said the band was fantastic.

“I’ve always loved working for a place that has its own band,” Rhodes said.

To end the homecoming celebration, the SEMO RedHawks football team brought home a win at Houck Stadium 35-28 against the Eastern Illinois Panthers.