Southeast Missouri State University student publication

Reminiscing about Halloween

Friday, November 3, 2023
Graphic by Emma Kratky

Although Halloween is over, it’s never too late to reminisce. You know those Halloween specials that would come yearly, and when you were a little child, you would think they were so horrifying, you held your hands over your eyes to protect you? Or you were watching a scary movie when your mama told you not to, and you got so scared you hid under the covers to protect yourself from monsters?

Ahhh, those were some good times.

Back when we didn't have to worry about bills or paying for college, you would just turn on the TV, and all your worries would disappear. Yes, the spirit of Halloween never fails to bring a smile and fright to the faces of all generations.

Warning: This may get Spooky.

Halloween is one of those times a year when your absolute freakiest, spookiest, maybe even weirdest vibes come out for the whole world to see—dressing up in costumes for kids, adults, and cosplayers without someone saying - why are you wearing that?

Buying those big bags of candies you could buy any time of year, but you wait for Halloween because it just feels right. We had fun watching Halloween specials that were a little corny, but we loved them because we wanted to be like them, having fun and causing chaos, the good kind, not the bad.

I remember Thriller playing on the intercom during school, because obviously it's the unofficial anthem of Halloween.

Whether you celebrate it or not, Halloween is a time for laughs, scares, and nightmares because the smiles from all around, the costumes, and the candy make this holiday a true Spooktacle.