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Welcoming Black History Month at SEMO

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Black Faculty Staff Alliance Chair Samantha Washington standing in front of sign promoting the Black faculty and Staff alliance mission.
Photo by Louis Konacki

Students were invited to gather in the UC on the first day of Black History Month to celebrate and learn about the importance of commemorating black students on Feb. 1.

The event was hosted by the Office of Equity Initiatives, Black Faculty and Staff Association and Dance Dynasty to set the events of black history month into motion.

Black Faculty Staff Alliance Chair and Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders Samantha Washington explained the significance of diversity for students of color during Black History Month.

“I think the significance is recognizing the diversity that we have here on campus and honoring the history of those who identify as Black and African American across campus, not just during Black History Month, but throughout the year,” Washington said.

Washington went on to explain that the event was crucial in making students aware of black organizations on campus as well as future Black History Month events.

“The goal of this event specifically is to kick off the month to celebrate awareness to the student organizations that fall under the Black Student Union, the month itself, and the many events we have planned throughout the month,” Washington said.

Senior Psychology Major Montay Frost believes that to create an ideal society, it’s important to bring all types of people together.

“As a community, we try to bring ourselves up, but I’m like, we can’t bring ourselves up. We can’t bring other people with us. If we’re going to grow as a community we need to grow with other communities,” Frost said.

At the event, students were able to come together, eat cake and appreciate one another.

Freshman health science major Tasia Ward loves how everyone can come together to celebrate diversity on campus.

“Everybody is together, and they’re celebrating,” Ward said.