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Swiping left or right: Is Tinder a good way to fall in love at SEMO

Sunday, February 11, 2024
Graphic by Lily Niebrugge

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and many single SEMO students want to get a date and fast. In their time of need, many students turn to dating apps like Tinder to find a last-second date.

Yet, many students believe that using Tinder at SEMO is an ineffective way to find a significant other.

A study conducted by CNBC revealed that only 35% of respondents between the ages of 18-29 believe that dating apps make finding a significant other easier.

Many students may not believe Tinder is a good way to find love due to bad personal experiences.

Associate professor in family studies, Dr. Sarah Kuborn, said that many studies support the idea that a minority of people find love on apps like Tinder.

“Only about a quarter of people actually find their long-term partners on dating apps,” Kuborn said.

Dr. Kuborn also believes that several SEMO students may not be using Tinder to find a long-term partner at all.

“People that aren't looking for long-term relationships, their ideas or motivations to be on there could just be trolling. It could be for their own self-esteem… It could be that they want more of a friendship or just connecting with people, and at this age, for the majority of the students at SEMO, although we do have a high number of non-traditional students. I think those that are on campus in the traditional age are not necessarily going to be using it for that long term.” Kuborn said.

Additionally, many students may find themselves talking to someone lying about their identity.

Sophomore criminal justice major Kameryn Smith believes Tinder increases the risk of students finding themselves in a dangerous situation.

“When you sit on the app all day, scrolling left and right. Instead of going out and meeting people, these people could be criminals,” Smith said.

On the flip side, some students believe that Tinder is a great way to meet new people.

Freshman sports management major Josh Jackson believes that Tinder can really benefit students who don’t normally put themselves out there.

“If you're trying to get to know more people, I feel like if you're more of a socially awkward person or you're not usually out speaking, it is a great app,” Jackson said.

Jackson also believes that it is worth it to download Tinder because there’s a chance to find love.

“You may meet your wife on Tinder or your husband, you never know,” Jackson said.

Dr. Kuborn agrees that there are strengths to dating apps, and while it is unlikely students will meet their life-long partners, it is far from impossible. However, she said it is extremely important that expectations are set from the beginning of the relationship.

“Dating apps have really allowed for a lot more space and variety in who you're meeting, which is awesome, right? There's benefits to that. But if you go into a dating app, you need to know what you want. And if you don't know what you want, you may not want to go there,” Kuborn said. “When you do go in, or if you go in, make sure that you're being honest with the other people of what you want. So it could work out well. But there has to be clear communication and clear expectations.”