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Monday Morning Inspiration September 11, 2017

Posted Sunday, September 10, 2017, at 9:55 PM

As you prepare to begin your day take a moment to reflect on what it is you must do to walk into your greatness. Every one of us is great, yet some of us fear our greatness because it will require us to let some things go so we can walk this journey. What is holding you back from walking the journey? What self-sabotaging behaviors do you engage in that prevent you from experiencing greatness? What patterns of resistance have you developed that impede your growth and development? Why have you become complacent with average?

You are not average. However, instead of shining your light so that the entire world can experience your greatness, you continue to procrastinate, make excuses, and just watch life pass you by. You have accepted the here and now, and tell yourself that this is the way it should be. You know deep down inside life has so much more to offer you, but you continue living an average life. You have defeated yourself because you no longer believe in yourself. You have succumbed to the ways of the world and allowed it to steal your joy. You have become average because you have bought into mediocrity. It is now time for you to transform and leave the island of average and embrace your greatness. Embracing your greatness prepares you for what lies ahead. Get up off your butt and do what you need to do to fulfill the greatness in you.

Each day your feet touch the ground you have an opportunity to do what you were put here to do. If you fall short of your goal, you have tomorrow. If one door closes, try another one. If someone tells you no keep it pushing until someone says yes. Winners never quit, and losers never win. Decide today whether you are a winner or a loser. Stop wasting time and use time wisely as there are only 24 hours in a day. You better put up or shut up because you have been playing around. You have denied yourself, peace, joy, and happiness. You must tell yourself today enough is enough. Today is the day that I make the rest of my life the best of my life. Greatness is upon you, and you better act like it.