sportsApril 25, 2024
Emma-Claire Self ~ Arrow Reporter
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With Michael Mugan’s first season here at SEMO underway, he seems to not have a problem adjusting to Southeast Missouri State’s Baseball team.

Mugan transferred from Monterey Peninsula Junior College in California where he caught the eye of SEMO head coach Andy Sawyers.

“He is competitive, he is fiery, and he cares. He plays with an edge and he plays hard. I like the edge that he brings to our team,” Sawyers said.

The atmosphere of SEMO’s program, along with the other players on the team, Drew Mugan to play for the Redhawks this season.

“I like the atmosphere; it felt like a baseball school. The guys were kind of like me, and I still feel that. I love these guys. Win or lose this is a good group of guys to go out there and compete with and play a sport that you love,” Mugan said.

The transition from junior college into Division I baseball has been a smooth transition for Mugan and the team helping him with the change has been a big factor.

“There are a lot of veterans on the team that know the ropes and have done a great job of showing the transfers and the freshmen how SEMO’s program is run,” Mugan said.

Mugan has set the tone for the season leading the Redhawks in RBI’s (34), total bases (97), hits (60), runs (42) and is second in homeruns (10).

Mugan is looking forward to the rest of the season and growing as a player and friend with his teammates.

“I think just doing whatever I can every game to help the team win. Whether that’s making a good play in the outfield, or over- communicating so that my left fielder makes a good play,” Mugan said. “Just doing whatever I can to help the team win and understand that if I want to achieve what I want to do personally, it's just about how I can help my team.”