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Excitement for democratic system displayed at Republican watch party

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Lauren Cole dresses the part for Election Day.
Photo by Kayla Gaffney

Lauren Cole glides through the republican watch party dressed in red, white and blue. Wearing an old-fashioned red, white and blue dress with lace, an American flag as a scarf and a tiny American top hat on her head.

I simply could not be more excited by the democratic process, Cole said when asked why she was dressed up. Every single step of the way is always excitement, its always change in the making, and I hope we have change in this country and I cant wait to see where it goes, she said.

Cole said Americans need to vote or get left behind. She said she is shocked by how close the race is so far.

Im shocked, Im amazed, Im ecstatic, and I couldnt be more pleased by the fact people have turned out unexpectedly, she said.