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Election night came alive in local Irish pub

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Katy O'Ferrell's hosted drink specials for election night.
Photo by Matt Mormann

Katy O’Ferrell’s was full of anxious spectators during their election watch party on Tuesday. Students, workers and anyone in between came to the bar on Broadway to follow along as results of the presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton came in.

“I think tonight went amazing,” said Shawna Schweain, a bartender at Katy O’Ferrell’s. “I feel like we were way busier than I thought we were going to be, and people were actively debating at the bar, I thought it was really nice.”

Bar-goers said the group scene helped several people make it through such a stressful and controversial vote.

“It’s nice being out here with people, because if I was watching at home I’d probably be panicking a little more,” Brandon Kohrman, a junior political science major said. “At least this way, I’m out with friends, and also the drinks are kinda nice to take the edge off of the intensity, especially with this election. The laid-back environment is better than being at home alone.”

The pub offered a number of specialty drinks during the party, including drinks named after the four presidential candidates and shots called “Blue State”, “Red State” and “Red White and Blue”. Kohrman was among those who tried the Jill Stein drink which, surprisingly, was the most popular of the candidate-based drinks.

“It’s actually been an upset,” Schweain said about the drink sales. “The Hillary Clinton was a very close second. A lot of times people would order the Clinton and then I’d tell them about the other drinks, and they’d get the Stein and just stick to that.”

Schweain led the way in planning for the special election night watch party, setting up the televisions and coming up with the drink specials among other tasks.

“I came up with seven drinks, including the three shots, I made a Facebook event and invited all my friends, and asked them to invite their friends,” she said.