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How to Redhawk: as told by students

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The first thing you need to know about being a Redhawk is, when someone yells “S-E” you shout back “M-O.” Every. Single. Time.

“It’s just a rule,” assistant director of admissions for new student programs at Southeast Katie Foshee joked.

Foshee, the self-proclaimed No. 1 cheerleader for Southeast, said that to become a Redhawk, you need to engage in the community, whatever that looks like for you. She thinks everyone should join an organization, participate in Southeast traditions and find a niche that they can develop themselves around.

“It’s OK if your idea of being a Redhawk isn’t the same as somebody else’s,” Foshee said. “That is what college is all about.”

At Southeast, Foshee has found a community rich with support, care and diversity. And at the university, students have the ability and drive to learn about different types of people beyond superficial differences and are able to get to know them on a deeper level culturally and intellectually, Foshee said.

How does someone integrate into this type of community? We asked some Southeast students and staff to help you out:

How to Redhawk, as told by Redhawks themselves…

1. Wear the matching shirt, go to convocation.

2. The university coaxes you in with ice cream, take it. #IceCreamPigOut

3. Welcome Back Picnic. “Are you even a Southeast student if you didn’t snag a free highlighter from the Welcome Back Picnic?” – Katie Foshee

4. Go to a University Speaker Series event

5. Go to midnight breakfast and be served cheesy eggs by Dr. Vargas.

6. Join a student organization… or two… or 10…..

7. Only at Southeast would there be a dance party in front of the library every Wednesday at noon. Can you say Hump Day?

8. HAVE TO tailgate at least one football game.

9. Participate in the Redhawk spirit during homecoming.

10. Walk up those stairs and sign the inside of the copper dome of Academic.

11. Walk up Cardiac, pretend you’re OK walking up Cardiac when you’re actually not OK walking up Cardiac (there is a health clinic at the top for your convenience).

12. Once you get up Cardiac you won’t want your gum anymore, we have a tree for your convenience. Try not to kill this one.

13. Walk all the way to Brandt to avoid Cardiac Hill because you learned your lesson the first time.

14. You won’t make it off this campus without a parking ticket, you just won’t.

15. You want Starbucks and Subway? Well so does everyone else, wait in line.

16. River Campus Redhawks quickly disappear once classes start … you can find them in the rehearsal hall 12 hours of their day (maybe more).

17. Post all complaints in Living at Southeast, this is the Redhawk way.

18. Park in a fire zone with your flashers on — works every time.

19. The first Friday of every month you get 25 percent off in the book store. Dress like a Redhawk, be a Redhawk.

20. Redhawks do NOT make their Easy Mac with water … isn’t that right Towers East?