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Incumbent Kathy Swan returns as Missouri House of Representative District 147

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Republican incumbent Kathy Swan will remain as the Missouri state representative of District 147.

Swan was opposed by Democratic candidate Renita Green in the Nov. 6 election.

“We did a lot better than what Democrats have done in the past,” Green said. “Our numbers were good and we energized a whole new group of people.”

District 147 represents Cape Girardeau and part of Cape Girardeau County in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Kathy Swan (R)

Incumbent Swan founded her platform on making sure government stays smaller and taxes stay lower.

She said she has spent a lifetime in the Cape Girardeau community.

“We believe that we live in a great area, a great community, in which to work, to raise children and to enjoy life,” Swan said. “My intent is to ensure that it stays that way.”

Swan was first elected to the chamber in 2012 Missouri representatives are limited to serving eight years in total.

Renita Green (D)

Green campaigned on issues that included community priorities such as education, affordable housing and safe shelter and accessible, affordable health care.

She said her problem-solution mentality encourages collaboration and community conversation.

“People voted who have not voted, people engaged in the process that have not engaged before and Democrats have not really ran a campaign for a candidate for this position in a really, really long time so it feels really good,” Green said.

Green hoped to build strong businesses, provide secure jobs with sustainable wages for workers and favors common-sense gun reform.