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Missouri legalizes medical marijuana with Amendment 2

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Missouri Constitutional Amendment 2 dealing with the legalization of medical marijuana is projected to pass with a 62 percent yes vote with 65 percent of precincts reporting.

The amendment legalizes marijuana for medical purposes, and taxes sales by 4 percent, with tax proceeds designated for funding veteran health care.

Passage of the measure means the state Department of Health and Senior Services will be required to accept applications from patients and for dispensaries after Dec. 6, and no less than 24 dispensaries will be authorized in each of the eight state congressional districts.

The amendment also authorizes patients to grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes, and to possess up to 4 ounces of dried marijuana.

MoHemp founder Raymond Ray Charles Milton contributed to the measure’s large margin of victory.

“I support Amendment 2 because it’s for the people,” Milton said.

He said that he is in favor of Amendment 2 because patients will be allowed to grow their own plants and it allows more freedom in the sale of medical cannabis than the “monopolization” of Amendment 3.

Milton said he has been working hard to ensure the legalization of medical cannabis after the death of his close friend and her husband to cancer.

He believes medical marijuana is very important as health care for illnesses such as cancer, epilepsy and PTSD.

“It’s not about the high with me,” Milton said. “It’s about the healthcare. Our theory is: you can’t spell healthcare without THC.”