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A list of binge-worthy material to get the semester started

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Winter break was here for what seemed like two seconds — but with all that we binged on Netflix it had to have been longer than that.

Up ahead is a whole new semester full of fresh opportunities to turn in all assignments on time, maintain the grades you want and deserve, and of course watch some great TV shows in between.

Here’s a list of some shows the Arrow binged over break:

The End of the F***cking World - Netflix

Screenshot of "End of the F***ing World."

There are series like “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Nurse Jackie” — these shows each have a similar variable either in the plot or in the setting. “The End of the F***cking World” is a show like none other, I can promise you that. This series was based on a graphic novel written by Charles Forsman. The show takes place in Britain following James and Alyssa, two teens who escape their home life to go on an adventure. This dark comedy encompasses enough wit from Alyssa to last you a lifetime. Season two should be making its debut soon, so if you’re looking for a quick season to blow through between classes, we’d recommend giving this one a shot.

You - Netflix

Screenshot of "You."

Dark romantic series are always great to watch, shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Vampire Diaries are some of everyone’s favorites, but they are completely unrelatable. We are not trying to be doctors or fall in love with blood-sucking mythical creatures. The Netflix show “You” is a phenomenal binge-worthy series to watch, created by the executive producers of “Riverdale.” The show focuses on a mysterious bookstore manager, Joe, who falls hard for a beautiful grad student, Beck. It all sounds so innocent until Joe stalks her via social media and finds out exactly who she is and begins to murder everyone in her life posing a threat to their relationship. Imagine how scary that can be knowing someone who only knows your name can access your place of work, home and all of your friends. We were on the edge of the bed the entire time. This is not a series you want to miss out on. Oh, we failed to mention the show’s infamous stalker is played by “Gossip Girl’s” Penn Badgley.

The Office -Netflix

Screenshot of "The Office."

Of course this comedy classic made the list of binge-worthy shows. It’s the show of all shows to watch and re-watch. This is the perfect sitcom to run in the background while you do homework, write a paper or study. Whatever you’re doing while watching, Michael Scott always will put a smile on your face — except, of course, when he’s making you cringe of secondhand embarrassment. The nine-season sitcom can be streamed on Netflix and will make you laugh in ways you didn’t know you could.

Good Girls - Netflix

Screenshot of "Good Girls."

Have you ever wondered what your mom does during her free time? Well, hopefully it is not robbing a grocery store. In this climate, an endless amount of money is the only means to survival. This show is about three moms taking back their lives. In doing so, they successfully rob a local grocery store. The police never suspect it was them, but the local gangbanger who has been making money off the store shows up at their doorstep to get all of his money back. You would think that would scare the hell out of them, but no it didn’t. These everyday moms got deep into money laundering. Crazy, we know. Honestly, this show was hilarious. Picture your mom becoming a gangbanger — and a good one at that.

Nothing to Hide - Netflix

Screenshot of "Nothing to Hide"

In today’s world, a person’s phone is the key to all their secrets; as long as long as it is locked, not a soul can get access. All of this is true, so you think. In this Netflix original film, three and a half couples get together for their annual dinner party, which takes a turn for the worst when they agree to play a game of sharing all of their notifications that come to their phones. It sounds harmless until mistresses started sending nude pictures or started announcing they were pregnant. While watching this, it made us think what secrets we have hiding in our phonesww.

Ozark - Netflix

Screenshot of "Ozark."

If you’re from Missouri, you’ve at least heard of the Lake of the Ozarks. Many people spend the majority of their summers on this central Missouri lake, but not in the way the Byrde family does. This show focuses on the life of money-laundering financial advisor Martin Byrde and his attempts to save his family from the Mexican cartel. It isn’t often we see Jason Bateman in a serious role, but this one fits him perfectly. The show brings in several important supporting characters that’ll intrigue you — especially the curly-headed, witty Ruth Langmore. The Netflix original just got renewed for a third season in October, so get attached, because the Byrde’s story isn’t over.

Of course the Arrow does not condone procrastinating homework or assignments. However, we do know things happen. We wanted to provide you with a starting point for this semester’s procrastinations. Happy bingeing!