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Drum Circle hosted by Director of Percussion Dr. Shane Mizicko at the Dobbins Center

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Twenty-five students and members of the community met with the director of Percussion Dr. Shane Mizicko at the Dobbins Center music ensemble rehearsal studio to participate in a drum circle on Jan. 29.

The drum circle is new to the university and it started in the fall he said.

He said the Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department reached out to him in pursuit of a new arts-oriented recreational outlet to balance out sports, which led to the idea of a drum circle he said.

“They were asking me about some possible ideas, and I said drum circles are great for the community if we can get one going,” Mizicko said.

The drum circle is a way to help build the community and communication, he said.

“They have to listen and communicate visually by watching me and the people around them,” Mizicko said.

He also said the department did not have enough drums to start a drum circle right away.

“At the time I hardly had any drums so I wrote a grant and received some money for a class I’m starting at the university called drumming across cultures,” Mizicko said.

He said the class is almost ready but in the meantime, he wanted to start the drum circle he said.

As students and members of the community set in a circle beating on their drums rhythmically, Mizicko stopped everyone to offer a piece of wisdom.

“There is no right or wrong way just try to keep the rhythm,” he said.

Southeast student Alisah Coots who is majoring in music education came to the Drum circle because she is studying percussion and really enjoys seeing new faces she said.

“It’s awesome to see people on campus and people in the community who are not involved in music come to enjoy themselves,” Coots said.

There will be to more opportunities to participate in the Drum circle Feb. 5 and 12 at the Dobbins Center located at the River Campus.

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