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Everyone should see a therapist

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Sophia Davis

Usually, people see a therapist after a trauma like the death of a family member. A loss is something that people generally understand they need help processing. However, recognizable trauma is not the only reason you should seek a mental health professional.

College is hard. Thatís something everyone can agree upon. It is harder for some people than others. Some of us college students were raised in homes that were very hands-on and nurturing, with involved parental figures. Some of us were raised to be independent, with detached parental figures and the freedom to do whatever we please. There are a million different parenting styles and situations that people can be brought up in. However, no matter how we were raised, all of that changes in college, which is why it is important to have someone help you navigate those changes Ė a therapist.

Your whole lifestyle changes. Some people cope better than others. College brings on many life changes. Your living arrangements, financial position and social situation all change. This can alter your mental health. Part of this is stress, which has a negative impact on your mental health. No matter your situation, everyone should see a therapist or counselor after life-altering events such as going to college.

Institutions like SEMO offer a number of free counseling services for a reason ó because they know we need them. With all of the changes that growing up brings, it can be difficult to manage emotionally. Itís difficult because itís different. And that is OK! It is OK to not be OK. However, what isnít OK is not expressing yourself in a healthy manner, which is why everyone should see a therapist.

The stigma around seeing a mental health professional is detrimental to our society. People who donít know how to process and manage their emotions can inflict unnecessary stress on their peers. Those who refuse to seek help can also behave in ways that disturb normal social interactions. This can be avoided by going to see a counselor. Learn how to process. Learn how to cope. Find healthy ways to help your friends. Everyone will be better off in the long run. Itís time we all see a therapist.

Counseling and Disability Services are now located on the 11th floor of Towers East. They can be reached by phone at 573-986-6191 or by email at