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Lizzo — she’s got something for everybody

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Samantha Wakitsch

Upset? Listen to Lizzo. Happy? Listen to Lizzo. Relationship problems? Listen to Lizzo. Hanging out with your friends? Listen to Lizzo. Driving to the grocery store? Listen to Lizzo.

Normally, my friends get fed up with me when I have a new favorite artist or song because I am one of those people who continuously plays it over and over again until I can’t stand to listen to it anymore. However, this summer my music choice was truly enjoyed by all.

No matter the situation, a Lizzo song always seemed to fit in just perfectly. My car radio rarely played anything else since I was introduced to Lizzo’s music. Truth be told, I don’t think I am the only one who has her on repeat. My friends definitely weren’t asking me to change the song, instead they were the ones repeatedly playing it.

In the short time I’ve been a fan, it’s crazy to see how much her music impacted me and those around me.

An example of this would be when I saw my friend transform from a sobbing mess because of relationship issues that she was dealing with, to being empowered with a smile on her face by the second verse of her singing out loud to the song “Truth Hurts.”

Lizzo has truly taken empowering women through music to the next level. Her overall attitude of self-love portrayed throughout her music is being heard by women everywhere.

She has been able to take the difficult topics that women struggle with including body insecurities, relationship problems and dependency and put a positive spin on it all. Many of these topics can be extremely difficult, and it has been eye-opening having somebody lead the way in combating them.

My advice to you would be to take those hard times, exciting times and everything in between and match it with a Lizzo song. You won’t be disappointed. I sure wasn’t.