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New Kent Library programs make student choice a priority

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kent Library is piloting two new programs this year to engage Southeast students in developing the library’s collection.

While student feedback has always been an important part of the library’s acquisition process, these two programs mark the first time Southeast has provided students with this much choice and funding.

The first initiative — “What would you like to read about?”— is already underway, providing all students the chance to nominate a genre of books they would like to see expanded at Kent.

The deadline for these submissions is Oct. 4, after which a ballot will be released to the public through the online student portal and everyone can vote for their favorite nomination.

While making your nominations it’s important to remember the scale of the program.

Acquisitions Coordinator at Kent Library Randyn Heisserer-Miller said, “Specific is always better but we don’t want to limit that as much. It’s about $3,000 the librarian will get to spend on that subject area, so it can be broad like sci-fi or hopefully a little more specific like post-modern or dystopian.”

The second initiative, “The Johnson Endowment Grant Program” is open to all university-recognized student groups. Organizations and clubs must work with a librarian to create a list of requested materials for the application process.

Two of these student-made lists will be chosen by the Kent Library Collection Development and Management Committee to receive $1,500 in funding each. The deadline for group submission lists is Nov. 1.

“In the past, student groups have wanted to select materials and we’ve allowed them, but they had to use their own funds to do this, so the library offering this shows our seriousness in really wanting to engage the students in the collection.” said Heisserer-Miller.

Materials purchased through both initiatives will be available to students in the spring semester.

More information on both programs can be found at the Kent Library website. The "What Would You Like to Read About" initiative can be found at and the Johnson Endowment Grants program can be found at