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Inside the Book Wars

Thursday, September 19, 2019
The two movies that were showcased at event on Sept. 3.
Photo by Marquette Evens

Katniss Everdeen vs. Beatrice Prior? Which character will fans identify with more?

The English department welcomed SEMO students to come and debate the book series, answer trivia, enjoy snacks, and watch a movie Sept. 3. This installment of the Book Wars was a battle between the Hunger Games and Divergent.

Graduate student Maggie Fruehwirth was one of the event’s organizers.

“The English Department is full of a bunch of nerds who like more than just dead authors and literature books,” she said.

Fruehwirth said she hopes the event serves to unify people with similar interests.

“The goal is for people to have a good time and to connect with people who like the same kind of media that we do,” she said.

Fruehwirth encouraged movie-goers to get away from the screen and read the books as well.

“We do enjoy modern sci-fi fantasy-type stuff and we want people to enjoy the books that fit that style,” she said.

Among those in attendance, most had a slight preference for the Hunger Games over Divergent and varied between die-hard and casual movie fans.

Southeast student Lydia Rorie stated she had watched all of the movies in The Hunger Games series and the first two of the Divergent series. She said she preferred the Hunger Games and that she had only watched the movies, but was looking forward to reading the books.

“They’re both kind of dystopian society-type books but I’ve always been drawn to The Hunger Games. I like Rue, she’s really innocent and sweet so it’s sad when she dies,” Rorie said.

Southeast student Christian Tramble stated she had watched each film only once and really liked The Hunger Games. She had only watched the first installments of both movies but hadn’t kept up with either series.

Fruehwirth had a positive outlook on whether the movies do the books justice.

“I think the movies are good stepping stones to gain interest in the books,” Fruehwirth said. “I would like to think they do good enough justice that the fans of either series aren’t angry, but they’re still not as good as the books.”

This next Book Wars event will feature a face-off between the Fault in Our Stars and the Hate U Give on Sept. 10 in the Indian Room at the University Center.