Southeast Missouri State University student publication

Sculpting the way into a great year

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Down the steps into a small room in the Seminary Building at Southeast’s River Campus, there was a small art exhibit set up. Immediately, the mounted bright lights from the white painted ceiling beamed off of the metal art creations. Each exhibit seemed to tell a story and was then brought to life by the artist. For alumnus, Danny Rohr, this is what he lives for.

Rohr graduated in 2013 from Southeast Missouri State with his Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpturing. He has kept his main focuses around the art of sculpting but also finds joy in painting on the side. He continues to use his artistic abilities with iron casting and arts company called Black Dog Metal Arts with his partner Jamie Lovell in Peoria, IL.

Rohr and Lovell’s exhibits were seen at the First Friday with the Arts at the Seminary Building. The two have their own styles of art that complement each other.
Lovell’s artwork focused on loved ones and the time they share. Rohr’s artwork focuses on similar themes, but also adds dark comedy and a dangerous side. Though they didn’t match up completely, the art still seemed to connect.
“There is a divide in what you are physically looking at, and there probably always will be,” Rohr said. “There is nothing wrong with that, just different strokes for different folks.”
The First Friday with the Arts is in its 16th year and allows students to view all forms of art and engage in the artistic society within Cape Girardeau. Area Head of Painting, Justin Miller, sets up a few external exhibition events annually.
“Myself and the exhibition committee try to look for artists that we feel are engaging and exciting that both the community and students will benefit from and enjoy,'' Miller said.

Rohr and Lovell’s exhibit will continue through the month of September. The next show — a painting and drawing exhibit with Brigham Dimick from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville — will begin Oct. 4.