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ISA hosts a Halloween party for international students

Sunday, November 10, 2019
Graphic by Ally Bruemmer

The International Student Association (ISA) hosted a Halloween-themed party for international students at Southeast with a horror movie, costume contest and free pizza provided at the International Village on Oct. 25.

Although it was a party, the main purpose of this event was to introduce international students into American traditions like Halloween.

They played the movie "Ouija" and served free food including pizza, salad and beverages for students to eat while watching the movie.

One of the activities planned for the night was scary stories to tell in the dark with candles, because attendance was down after the film ended, the latter portion of the event got canceled.

ISA got together and agreed to host an event to share American culture with people who don't really get to experience Halloween because they're from different countries.

"We kind of collectively came together and decided it would be cool to share our culture, American culture with people who don't really get to experience Halloween because they're from different countries," ISA President Lexi Roelling said.

This is something new for ISA; its events usually bring a piece of a foreign culture to share with local students.This time, the organization took a different approach and brought American culture to share it with international students.

ISA plans to do a country food night event, like it has done in the past with India Night. Organization leaders haven't decided on the country for this year's event, but China is potentially the country to be selected.

For this event, ISA applied for funding to Dollars for Innovative Campus Events (D.I.C.E.) program at Southeast to buy the food and decorations for the party.

On the other hand, The International Village has worked alongside ISA in the past by providing a space to gather and resources to be used for all students.

"We are thrilled that students want to use our space, that's why we're here," International Student Counselor Brooke DeArman said. "Any opportunity we have to get students into our space to do something unique such as turning our space into a comfortable movie theater."