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Chi Alpha Campus ministry seeks to “FeedONE” through a series of events

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Chi Alpha Campus Ministry held a series of events this week to raise money for hungry children across the globe.

Hayley Sidwell, a member of Chi Alpha, spoke on behalf of the ministry in regards to partnering with FeedONE.

“If you look at the stats online, there are 842 million undernourished people in the world today,” Sidwell said. “That means many people do not get enough food or are unable to live a healthy and active life.”

The campus ministry partners with an organization called FeedONE to accomplish the task of feeding the hungry.

According to Sidwell, FeedONE fights hunger and poverty by providing nutritious meals and opportunities for children and families in need across 14 different countries.

“We love partnering with FeedONE because it’s an organization that is the initiative convoy of hope. So the Chi Alpha Campus Ministry over the U.S. partners with FeedONE and dedicates all of November and calls it ‘FeedONE month,’” Sidwell said.

The Chi Alpha Campus Ministry partners with the FeedONE organization because they view them as an important asset in fighting hunger and poverty.

“There’s not a lot of organizations besides FeedONE that can actually feed a kid for an entire month for only $10. It’s not just meals but includes education, clean and safe water, healthy living environments, and, of course, the gospel message,” Sidwell said.

“During the month, we give all of our tithes and offerings and we put together these events because we really believe in the FeedONE organization and how they change the world by feeding one kid at a time,” Sidwell said.

For Chi Alpha, five small groups were set up to come up with ideas to encourage student involvement.

“That means that we’ve had each bible study come up with an event to raise money for FeedONE, which is an incredible organization that raises money for children across the globe,” Sidwell said.

Children can be fed for $10 per month and $120 per year, which gives them the gospel message, education, food, according to Sidwell.

Other events Chi Alpha held to support FeedONE include a clothing sale at the University Center, a campout in front of Kent Library, a table at Towers where students could buy a “mystery bag” that had random items in it, a live-action Pokemon battle, a wiffleball game and a spa night.

“At the campout, we raised a total of $1,210. Our rough total altogether with the different small group events and other events has been $2,106,” Sidwell said. “We haven’t added up the giving from the clothing sale, though. Our goal is to feed 30 kids for a whole year, which is a total of $3,600.”

Chi Alpha held Finish the Lyric event on Friday night and $960 by crossing the $1,000 mark by the end of the night.

Students could purchase tickets for $1 to participate in singing and $3 to sabotage another student by making the student sing a song of their choosing. A song would play and then stop randomly and the participant would have to recite the next lyric.

Besides the Finish the Lyric contest, there was a rap battle and a faux sumo wrestling contest.

Students had the opportunity to enjoy a night of singing random songs, which ranged from music from popular artists such as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, old school music like The Temptations and Disney films like Moana. About 35 to 50 people attended throughout the night.

The campus ministry exceeded its goal at the end of the night. They ended up making a $1,000 mark by the end of the night.

According to Sidwell, Chi Alpha has partnered with FeedONE for the last couple of years because of how great the organization is and because there is such a large need in the world.

The campus ministry will hold a number of events in November, in order to raise money for FeedONE.

“We’re thankful for what we’ve been given and we want to be able to give back to people in need. Ironically, it is in November, which is a season of thankfulness. When we realize the resources that we have are so abundant, we can’t help but want to give back,” Sidwell said.

Chi Alpha hopes to raise even more money through other events they have planned in the upcoming weeks.

“We honestly believe that we could get even more than that, just with how awesome our students are and how giving the campus is,” Sidwell said.

Students have the opportunity to attend events including a hot cocoa sale Monday, Nov. 18, a donut and bake sale and a running event called “Fun Run.”