Southeast Missouri State University student publication

"Where are my likes?"

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Noelle Williams

Recently, Instagram has releases and statements that have caused chaos amongst many users of social media. Many shared their opinions on Instagram taking away the number of likes a post receives, and I believe this shows the direct effect social media has on the confidence of the public.

Being a part of a generation that has emphasized the importance of social media, I have had the opportunity to see its growth and how people choose to use these platforms.

Some decide to use social media to share moments with their friends and families, some choose to post quotes and nature pictures, and many post their selfies and mirror pictures.

However, one similarity between all is the ability to know how many people like what you choose to share which can have both a positive and negative impact on someone. It is great to know others enjoy the same things you do or like how you look, but you may develop a tendency to depend on the acceptance of others.

In terms of beauty, both young girls and boys are shown a constant image of perfection, whether it be on social media, advertisements, or by word of mouth. Social media has its own impact because of the ability to how others idolize people that fit into these images and also how people look down upon others who do not.

I have personal experiences of witnessing others being bullied on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, due to their weight, skin color, hair, and more. For some this kind of criticism can cause them to make many changes to the way they look to receive the acceptance and validation of others.

Now fast forward to the current state of social media, where filters and editing can immediately alter the way you look and spike the number of likes you receive; this has made people dislike their own true appearance.

Some think this change in the viewing of the number of likes will have no change, but I hope to see a change in a positive direction - a change that will help prevent insecurities and low self-esteem in the generation behind us.