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SGA looks for feedback at CSI grand reopening

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
PRIDE Treasurer April Forshee (left) and former PRIDE Executive Board members Sidney Pribble (middle) and Jaedyn Weimer (right) play Exploding Kittens at the Feb. 27 PRIDE meeting in the Center for Student Involvement.
Photo submitted by Dustin Jones

The Center for Student Involvement will host a grand reopening in hopes to increase student awareness about the CSI and its resources on Wednesday, March 4.

Student Government Association will partner with the CSI for this event, and SGA members will hold discussions with students to get their perspective on how to better the CSI for Southeast’s community.

During the grand reopening, Student Issues Chairman Justin Tuschhoff and other SGA members will hold a discussion with students to get their perspective of what they would like to see changed or added to the CSI.

He came up with the idea for the reopening during a discussion at the SGA Executive Board retreat last year. Tuschhoff noted on Feb. 25 low attendance in the CSI as a concern that needed to be addressed.

“The CSI is a place that’s supposed to be for students,” Tuschhoff said. “We have all this facility, and we just didn’t feel like it was being utilized by anyone that didn’t already have an office down here.”

According to CSI student worker Kayla Parham, the number of students that come into the CSI increases over the lunch hours. Parham added commuter students will come to the CSI to hang out in the TV lounge or work on homework when they have long breaks between classes.

Sophomore Melanie England said she likes the CSI because she is able to study but also has the freedom to move around and make noise without disrupting others students.

I think if they’re [students] like me and they don’t really like sitting in a quiet library, this is a more comfortable environment to do homework,” England said. “You’re not feeling like you’re forced to do homework and you can just hang out and study.”

During the discussion, students will have the opportunity to suggest additions to the CSI, while also being able to discuss whether some aspects of the CSI should be updated, changed or removed.

“I like the fact that this used to be a bowling alley and I just can’t see it,” sophomore Elise Conley said. “I really wish it was still a bowling alley, because that would be kind of dope.”

SGA will have refreshments available for students in the CSI from 12 to 1 p.m. on March 4. If students are unable to attend, they can contact SGA with suggestions or look for future SGA tables in the UC.