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Students to move off-campus due to COVID-19 outbreak

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Office of Residence Life sent out an email informing students they need to move out of residential buildings no later than March 31.

Students who currently live on campus during spring break are to move out before March 21, and students who are away from campus cannot return until March 20.

Students were informed about the housing update after a Wednesday university announcement about switching to alternative delivery for online classes.

In support of the university’s decision, residential life has restricted students from accessing residential facilities until March 20.

Residence Life staff members created a move out schedule for all students living on campus to protect the health and safety of the students and staff. This process is a calendar of specific dates and times for each building, floor, and room numbers.

Residence Life requested for students to fill out the departure registration form on their housing portals to confirm their move-out availability.

“We know this is not how you expected to end your spring semester on campus,” the email read. “However, we look forward to welcoming those of you returning to Southeast in the fall back to the residence halls at that time.”

There are exceptions for students such as those who cannot return home because they live outside the United States, are unable to return due to health reasons, or if the student must be in Cape Girardeau to complete out-of-the-classroom requirements such as internship, student teaching, clinical, etc.

Other criteria to stay in the dorms include a risk to yourself or others, the student does not have a permanent address, or if one’s home community is quarantined.

For questions related to moving out, contact the Office of Residence Life at

The university is currently evaluating their ability to offer a reduction to student bills, and expect to have information for students before or on March 27.

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