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Dress for the weather without feeling Missouri-able

Monday, October 5, 2020
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

To paraphrase a Tweet, it’s now “wear a sweater in the morning, regret it in the afternoon” kinda weather. If you’ve lived in Missouri long enough, you definitely know the feeling.

Autumn is such a fun season — think pumpkin patches, Halloween decorating, apple cider sipping … yum! The not-so-fun part? Guessing the weather forecast, which sometimes feels like taking a daily risk. Should you wear the sweater, or will you regret it in the afternoon? The Weather Channel helps, but only so much.

There’s no weather app for frigid classrooms, stuffy dorm rooms or shuttle drivers blasting the AC. The solution to temperature troubles? Introduce a few fall transitional pieces into your wardrobe. Orrrrr, keep taking a gamble on the daily forecast. It’s your call, pals.

My favorite? Denim jackets. They’re so versatile and a cozy addition — plus, the navy shades of denim can often act as a neutral, so there’s no need to worry about a mismatched ‘fit. If denim isn’t your thing, opt for a cute flannel in a large plaid such as tartan or buffalo check. The larger pattern might be less distracting from other elements of your outfit — more complex plaids might require a more lowkey look.

If you’ve ever experienced the album “Folklore” by Taylor Swift — and yes, it is an experience — you might be familiar with the next one. Cardigans help to add a bit of chic to your fall threads while feeling like a wearable blanket. Check stores for a tighter knit — those open-weave cardigans might snag more easily. Another tip? Look for any loose threads before you walk out of the store. It’s a red flag you definitely shouldn’t ignore. Much like toxic relationships, no, you can’t fix this, and no, you can’t change this no matter how hard you try. Run, girl.

I’ve also been informed that some people layer sweatshirts over an outfit rather than just wearing it as a shirt. Do! Not! Normalize! Sweatshirts! As! Outerwear! Sweatshirts as shirts are one of the coziest autumn blessings. But, if you must layer, (ugh) opt for a tank top, basic tee or some other form-fitting top to avoid looking too bulky.

How do you style autumn pieces when the temperature is wacky? Tweet me your fall outfits at @nbakerARROW!