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Stay cozy alllll day long

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Picture this: it’s a chilly fall morning, frost on the grass and fog in the air. You just cannot leave the comfort of your bed, so you are simply content to live out the rest of your days as a peaceful, comfy burrito.

Rainy days, snowy days and even slightly chilly mornings all call for a cozy start.

But the alarm rings, and you’ve got to abandon the warmth of a mountain of blankets to return to real life. But what if you could retain that cozy feeling while adhering to your daily responsibilities? I’ve got just the thing.

If you’re feeling the chilly weather just isn’t for you and can hear your bed calling from miles away, here are a few sneaky hacks to carry the comfort with you all day long.

When choosing a sweatshirt or hoodie, find one lined with a soft, fuzzy material rather than the standard knit fabric. This type of sweatshirt construction might be more expensive or difficult to find, but I promise you, it makes a world of difference! While you’re shopping, check out the weight of the fabric! Much like the beloved weighted blanket, a heavyweight cotton knit will provide instant bliss. A wearable hug, if you would.

If you’re opting for a cute sweater, be aware of fabric blends! Wool and acrylic blends are very academia-chic, but they might be too structured and scratchy for those lazy days. Grab a synthetic thread blend like polyester and nylon for the coziest touch. Conan Gray said it best in the song “Heather:” “You gave me your sweater, it’s just polyester.” If you’re shopping online, the fabric blends under the “details” tab is your best friend.

Sometimes, it’s just the little details that mean the most. Invest in a pair (or two!) of thick, fuzzy socks. Shoutout to my editor, S — cabin socks are her personal favorite! Slip them on under boots for an invisible yet cozy addition to your outfit! Bonus: they’re perfect for when the floors of your apartment are absolutely freezing or when you’re breaking in a new pair of shoes. The more you know!

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